TAAF2019 教育プログラム




This program showcases the works of students who will lead the next generation of the animation industry as young creators. Please take a look at the works of Japanese students who will venture into the world. Also, a guest director and the students will speak about their works to discuss the appeal of the creative works and future possibilities.


3.11 [mon] 10:15-11:45

豊島区庁舎5階 会議室




京極義昭 Yoshiaki Kyogoku
アニメーション演出家 Director


Started his career as an animator attached to Production I.G. He participated in many productions such as “Seirei no Moribito,” “Sengoku Basara,” “Eden of the East,” and so on as key animator, animation director, and storyboard artist. After that, he switched to become an episode director was involved in “Kuroko’s Basketball,” “Tokyo Ghoul,” “Star-Myu: High School Star Musical,” and so on. In 2018, he made his debut as a director with the TV series “Laid-Back Camp.”

マーク・オフテダール Mark Oftedal
アニメーション監督 Animation Director

マーク・オフテダルは25年以上の経験を持つアニメーション監督である。携わった仕事はアニメーション映画(『トイ・ストーリー』『バグズ・ライフ』『トイ・ストーリー2』)やキャラクター設定(『モンスターズ・ユニバーシティ』『インサイド・ヘッド』『コウノトリ大作戦!』)など。Google Spotlight Storiesでは、アニメーションスーパーバイザーから監督までの幅広い役割でいくつかの作品を製作している。またオフティダールは、「Reflex」という新しい3Dアニメーションシステムを開発したソフトウェアサービスプロバイダーDigitalFish社の最高クリエイティブ責任者でもある。オンライン上や世界中のスタジオ、学校では、しばしばアニメーションワークショップの講師を務める彼の姿が見られる。

Mark Oftedal is an animation director with over 25 years of industry experience. His feature work includes animation (Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2) and character concepts (Monsters University, Inside Out, Storks). He has developed several Google Spotlight Stories in various roles from animation supervisor to director. Mark is also the Chief Creative Officer of DigitalFish, a software service provider making a new 3D animation system called “Reflex”. You can often find Mark teaching animation workshops online and at studios and schools around the world.


©ひまら屋(Studio himalaya)

アンクレットと蒼い海Memory of Blue

平井あかねAkane HIRAI
6分44秒 2018年

One day, a girl who lives in a southern island dropped her precious anklet in
the sea.
A boy picked it up is having magical power.
It is a warm and nostalgic story of a friendship between them depicted through
an anklet in the beautiful and harsh ocean.

©Li Tianying


黎 天影Li Tianying
3分01秒 2019年

Scenes of life in China from the 1960s to the 1980s were condensed into the growth of one boy through documentary records and his parents’ actual experiences.
Amid social instability, the boy responded to the call of his country and moved far from home to receive “”re-education”” in the countryside.
Back from the countryside several years later, the boy lacked the opportunity to take university entrance examinations. He became a factory worker but lost his job amid the depression of state enterprises in the late 1970s, and made a living through various means.
This is a work created in the form of a boy who looks back on the first half of his life as he reaches middle age.

©2019 Mizuki KIYAMA & Tokyo University of the Arts

くじらの湯Bath House of Whales

キヤマミズキMizuki KIYAMA
6分40秒 2019年

In this small town somewhere in Japan, the mothers in the neighborhood
end their day at the public bath. When a little girl goes along with
her mother, she is awed by the sight of a group of bathing women who
behave very differently from the others. Within that group is her
mother and she blends in perfectly.

©2019 Aki Edure

to bee continuedto bee continued

江連 秋Aki Edure
5分26秒 2019年

The little girl lived on a boat wrapped in vinyl, located a bit far away from the people who lived with the bees. One day, all sorts of stressful incidents began to take place – someone else’s boat caused billowing waves which shook the boats, and a sudden rainstorm pelted the people – which stirred the bees into a massive frenzy. Some people were stung by the bees, while others managed to co-exist peacefully with them. Seeing how the people reacted, the little girl’s feelings began to change.

©Chizuru Sasaki Naomi Shida

井の中の蛙 3.11The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean. 3.11

佐々木 智鶴 志田 菜穂美Chizuru Sasaki Naomi Shida
3分11秒 2019年

A frog, the main character of this story, was living a quiet life in a rice field.
When he thought he would have a usual day, he suddenly experienced a big shake.
His fellows got swallowed up and washed away by rushing waves one after another.
The frog held on to a leaf so desperately that he didn’t realize it was already next morning. And what he saw there were big sea animals he had never seen. The frogs, lonely without his friends, thought his world had changed.


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