Privacy Policy

Deeply aware that personal information needs to be handled cautiously under the principle of respect for persons, the Tokyo Anime Award Festival Executive Committee (hereinafter called “TAAF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE”) shall establish and implement personal information management system and shall take utmost care in protect and manage users’ personal information, always bearing the following in mind:

1. Compliance with Regulations
TAAF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall comply with regulations applicable to protection of personal information, obligations set forth under guidelines of the competent minister, and this policy, in handling personal information.

2. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information within the Scope of Purposes
TAAF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall handle personal information only within the scope of achieving pre-defined purposes, except as approved by its owner in advance and as approved by regulations. TAAF obtains personal information for the following purposes:
・ In order to notice, confirm with, or notify applicants for the Competitions
・ In order to notice, confirm with, or notify related persons
・ In order to send notice or provide service for the Programs and related events
・ In order to respond to various inquiries
・ In order to execute business operations to provide various service
・ In order to analyze personal information to compile statistics on anonymous data

3. Safety Control of Personal Information
TAAF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall make efforts to maintain entrusted personal information accurate and up-to-date within the scope of purposes, and shall take necessary and appropriate safety control measures in order to prevent loss of, damage to, wrongful external disclosure of, or falsification of personal information. TAAF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may outsource part of business operations to contractors in order to achieve our purposes, and may provide them with personal information as necessary. In doing so, TAAF shall confirm that the contractors are provided with sufficient security controls, enter into personal information nondisclosure agreement with them, and shall exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the contractors.

4. Supplying Third Parties with Personal Information
TAAF shall not provide third parties with personal information without prior consent of the owner of such information, except as providing such information to the aforementioned contractors and as approved by regulations.

5. Respect of Disclosure Request and Right to Know
In the event that users request disclosure of, correction of, terminating use of, deletion of personal information, or offer opinions on or inquire about personal information, TAAF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall sincerely deal with such communication, honoring their rights.

Tokyo Anime Award Festival Executive Committee