Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) started as Tokyo Anime Award which was held as a part of Tokyo International Anime Fair from 2002 to 2013. Since 2014, TAAF has become independent and developed into an international animation festival and marks its 9th edition in 2022.

It mainly consists of the three categories along with special screenings and other events. The three categories are as follows; Competition for animation works unreleased in Japan yet, Anime of the Year for animation works already released in Japan, and Achievement Award for honorable people who contributed to the industry as well as inheriting the history, technical achievement, and lifestyle.

TAAF aims at discovering and developing new talent, contributing to the promotion of the animation culture/industry, and conveying the appeal of Tokyo as promoting tourism in the city. Under the slogan of “TOKYO is the HUB of contemporary ANIMATION,” TAAF screens animation films that are superior in quality and originality from all over the world. Through the festival, we provide opportunities to communicate with people who love animation from all over the world and also give thrill and inspiration to creators and audiences. Then, we deliver a new wave of animation developed from the excitement and inspiration to the world.