Mr.Yves Nougarède confirmed as a Jury member of TAAF2014.

Mr. Yves Nougarède who is a programming manager of Festival Annecy confirmed as a Jury member of Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2014 (TAAF2014).
Annecy International animated film Festival is biggest and most well known animated festival in the world.
Also he brings special program “The best of Annecy” to TAAF 2014.  With his great help, TAAF2014 will grow up as an animated film festival that is open to the world.
We are going to announce new Jury members soon. Please wait a little while :-)

<Message from Yves>
It is a great pleasure for me to be invited to the 13th edition of the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2014, and a huge honor to be a member of the Jury of this event. I really look forward to see new films, meeting new creators, and discovering for the first time the capital of this amazing country.


<Profile of Yves Nougarèdes>
Born in 1974 in Annecy, he discovered animation thanks to the television. He then experimented with clay animation on camera 8mm. He began his film education in high-school and continued the studies at Lumière University Lyon 2. After refusing to do military service, he was employed at the film department of Annecy Festival. He is now responsible for data entry and archiving. He mainly serves, however, as a video-operator for selection committees. Thanks to this post, he is able to see over 1500 films each year since 1997. In 2012 he became a member of the selection committee at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.