Application Guideline for Short Animation


Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 Competition
Application Guideline for Short Animation

1. Purpose

Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 (TAAF2018) is an international animation film festival organized by the Association of Japanese Animations and TAAF Executive Committee, and co-hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The Festival is run by TAAF Office, established under the TAAF2018 Executive Committee, with the support of various companies, organizations and individuals who endorse TAAF2018’s objectives.

The aim of TAAF2018 is to collate and screen high-quality animation works of superior originality, provide excitement and inspiration to the audience as well as creators, cultivate new talent, and contribute to the development and promotion of animation culture and industry.

  • Festival Period: March 9 (Fri)-12 (Mon), 2018 (scheduled)
  • Venue: Ikebukuro, Tokyo

2. Competition Criteria

“Short animation work of less than 30 minutes in length” created using any technique which meet the following criteria:
*Any animation works longer than 30 min. but less than 60 min. shall be applied to the category of Feature Animation first. The TAAF Office will contact the applicant later to notify which category is appropriate for the work.

  • Work must have been completed on, or after, January 1, 2016 (regardless of country of origin, and whether it is professional, amateur or student work).
  • Work that has been theatrically released, broadcast, or distributed for profit in Japan for a certain period prior to March 8 (Thu), 2018 is not eligible for the Competition (such work would qualify under the “Anime of the Year” category). Screening at film festivals and previews are not considered “for profit” herein.
  • Work that has been nominatd to TAAF in the past will not accepted.
  • Each applicant shall upload his/her work for the Competition through the TAAF Application Form in MP4 format (audio Codec: AAC, video Codec: H.264). For further information about specifications, see 3.3) Screener below. Preliminary selection will be conducted based on the uploaded material. As the format required for the final judging process is either Apple ProRes (1920 x 1080 pix.) or DCP, please make prior arrangements.
  • No submission fee is required.
  • Submission Deadline: Tuesday, 31 October, 2017

Once submissions have closed, the Preliminary Selection Committee will select the nominees for the final judging. Result of the selection process will be communicated to successful applicants, and the list of Nominated Works will be posted on the TAAF2018 official website.

Nominated Works will be publicly screened at designated theaters during the Festival period in Tokyo, during which time final judging will be conducted by the Competition Jury.

Please verify the Competition criteria, and make your submission by filling out all of the required information using the Application Form (see below).

We look forward to receiving works brimming with creativity that will bear the future of the animation industry.

Submission procedure:

  • Access the Application Form by clicking on the button found below and submit.
  • No submission fee is required.
  • Upload the animation work in MP4 format via the “TAAF2018 Application Form” for the preliminary selection process (see Clause 3.3).
  • Contact the TAAF Office with further questions, if any.

3. Submission

1) Access the Application Form (available in Japanese and English) by clicking on the button found below, and fill in the required information. Upload the Form together with the following:

  • 3 still images of the work (1920×1080, 300dpi or higher, jpeg)
  • 1 director’s photo (head shot, 1920×1080, 300dpi or higher, jpeg)
  • English dialogue list synchronized with the time code

2) Subtitles
Animation work with dialogue in any language (including narration or the like necessary for understanding the story) must be submitted with a screening version with English subtitles and an English dialogue list synchronized with the time code. Upload the English dialogue list together with the other required materials such as still images and director’s headshot.

3) Screener
Video material for the preliminary selection process will only be accepted in MP4 format using the TAAF2018 Application Form.

Specification for the video material is as follows:
Container: MP4
Audio Codec: AAC
Video Codec: H.264
Definition: 1920 x 1080 (or less if aspect ratio is not 16:9)
File Name: only alpha-numerical characters / extension:. mp4

Bit rate (recommended):  
Video bit rate: 10Mbps – 20Mbps
Audio bit rate: 320Kbps
Audio sample rate: 48kHz

*If you are not able to submit using the Application Form for any special reason, please communicate the specific details to us using the Inquiry Form.

4. Selection Process

1) Preliminary Selection/Final Judging

  1. TAAF2018 Preliminary Selection Committee shall select Nominated Works from among the works submitted for the Short Animation category.
  2. After TAAF Office has informed applicants of the successful Nominated Works via email, the full list of Nominated Works will be posted on the official website.
  3. No cancelation will be accepted once submission has been made. The TAAF Office will not answer any inquiries regarding reason for selection.
  4. Nominated Works will be publicly screened during TAAF2018, at which time final judging will be conducted by the Competition Jury.

2) Competition, Preliminary Selection Committee, Competition Jury

  • TAAF2018 shall appoint three or more Preliminary Selection Committee members to select the nominees.
  • TAAF2018 shall appoint three or more Competition Jury members during the Festival to conduct the judging.
  • Committee and Jury members shall not be directly involved in the production or distribution of any animation works being considered under the category.
  • During the TAAF2018 period, the appointed Competition Jury shall, after impartial deliberation, select the winners of the following prizes:
    • Grand Prize, Short Animation Category (cash award of 500,000 yen)
    • Award of Excellence, Short Animation (cash award of 100,000 yen)
    • A Special Prize and cash award that may be established by at the discretion of the Competition Jury or supporting organization

5. Screening Format

1) Screening Format
Nominated Works shall be screened in the following format for both general screening and final judging by the Competition Jury: Apple ProRes (1920 x 1080 pixel) or DCP.
Therefore applicant of the Nominated Work must provide the work in the relevant format. TAAF Office will communicate detailed specifications to the relevant applicants.

2) Translation/Subtitles
Nominated Works shall be screened in two languages, English and Japanese, using subtitles.

  • If the Work contains dialogue, it must be accompanied with English subtitles and an English dialogue list synchronized with time code.
  • English dialogue list must be uploaded together with other required materials (i.e. 3 still images, 1 director’s photo) with the Application Form.
  • TAAF2018 shall translate and produce Japanese subtitles from English for Nominated Works in the Competition.
  • For this reason, in addition to the screening version, applicants must provide a downloadable version of the Nominated Work with English subtitles.
  • TAAF2018 will translate and produce English subtitles for Nominated Works in Japanese. However, the applicant must provide the timecode for subtitles and a synchronized dialogue list. In addition, we recommend that the applicant prepare the translation from Japanese to English.

6. Invitation

One director for each Nominated Work shall be invited to attend TAAF2018 with the following provided:

[Director Residing Outside Japan]

  • Accommodation fee (max. 5 nights/single occupancy at a hotel designated by TAAF2018)
  • Actual travel cost (max. 50,000 yen, no advance payment, paid in Japanese yen upon arrival) *demand a receipt for flight ticket

[Director Residing in Japan]

  • Accommodation fee (max. 5 nights/single occupancy at a hotel designated by TAAF2018) only for those residing outside of the Tokyo Metropolitan area
  • Actual travel cost (max. 20,000 yen, no advance payment, paid in Japanese yen upon arrival) *demand a receipt for travel cost

Please note that other fees (such as phone calls from hotel room, room service, laundry, additional days of accommodation, etc.) will not be borne by TAAF2018.

7. Notice

1) Copyright
Copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant. Each applicant must be the copyright holder of all elements of the work, including original work, script, characters, direction, video, still image and music, or have obtained consent from the copyright holder of such elements. The foregoing shall also apply to submissions by proxy. TAAF2018 assumes that the applicant has taken the responsibility to obtain all copyright consent such as screening rights.

2) Screening Material (ie. Nominated Work) for Final Judging

  • All costs incurred for the TAAF2018 screening material to be shipped, insured, and clear customs shall be borne by the applicant.
  • Screening materials that have been sent in accordance with the stipulated guidelines shall be handled and screened under the best possible conditions by TAAF2018. In the event of any loss or damage due to TAAF2018, the latter shall compensate an amount up to the cost incurred to create and ship a new copy (Do not send the master copy; this must be kept by the applicant).
  • TAAF2018 shall not be responsible for material that is not within the stipulated guidelines and for technical problems during the screening.
  • Nominated Works will be screened up to a total of three times during the Festival, including Competition screening. Please note that screening fee will not be paid to applicants.
    (There will be 1 to 2 rounds of Competition screening, and 1 special screening after the announcement of the prize winners).
  • After TAAF2018, there will be one television broadcast of the Nominated Works for the purpose of promoting the works and TAAF in Japan. Please note that broadcast fee will not be paid to applicants. (see Clause 7.4).
  • Materials submitted to TAAF2018, both for the preliminary selection process and final judging, may be copied and/or re-formatted for the purpose of selection or screening.
  • Please note that materials submitted for selection and screening purposes will not be returned to the applicant.

3) Selection
No inquiry or questions in connection with the preliminary selection and final judging process will be entertained by the Preliminary Selection Committee, Competition Jury, TAAF2018 Executive Committee, and TAAF Office.

4) Promotion and Archives
(1) There will be one television broadcast of the Nominated Works in Japan after TAAF2018 only for the purpose of promoting the works and TAAF.
Please also note that there will be an interview shoot with the creators of the works participating in the Festival.
If you do not wish to be broadcasted for any reason, such as for the risk of violating the regulation of other festivals that you are going to submit, please contact the TAAF Office in advance.
(2) Parts of the Nominated Works, including still images and director’s photo, may be edited, broadcast, screened, exhibited or posted on the TAAF2018 official website, SNS account, and/or by means of any medium, including but not limited to, theater, TV, and Internet.
Also excerpts of the Nominated Work or trailers (if any) may be utilized for the purpose of promoting TAAF2018.

TAAF2018 may for a certain period retain Nominated Work-related materials (eg. screening material, trailer, still images, metadata) in its archive, and post them on the TAAF2018 official website.

5) Special Screening
Other than during the Competition screening and after the Festival period, there is a possibility that TAAF may screen the Nominated Works at a special screening or tour screening. Such special screenings shall only be conducted after consultation with the relevant applicants.

6) Video Package
For the promotion of TAAF2018 and animation culture, there is a possibility that the Nominated Works may be broadcast or distributed by means of DVD or the like. In such a case, TAAF Office will make prior contact with the relevant applicants, and make a decision based upon consultation.

7) Registration/Agreement
It is deemed that all works submitted for the TAAF2018 Competition have agreed to the above specified conditions, and to its screening at TAAF2018 upon submission of the Application Form.


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