TAAF2015 コンペティション部門優秀賞 長編部門

France , 2014 , 1:25

3/21 (sat)  10:00-11:55  SCREEN 4

3/23 (mon)  15:00-16:55  SCREEN 4

Alexandre Heboyan, Benoit Philippon

The magical tale of loveable Mune, the moon’s keeper, who fights to restore the world when the evil forces of darkness steal the Sun and the Moon! He may speak softly and tread gently, but his love for the moon and for the woman of his dreams turn him into the unstoppable hero he was meant to be! A heartwarming story for the entire family, a true masterpiece in today’s world of animation!

A film by Alexandre Heboyan & Benoît Philippon
Character Design Nicolas Marlet(Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Over the Edge, How To Train Your Dragon)
Background/Graphic Design Aurélien Prédal (9, A Monster in Paris)
Art Direction Rémi Salmon
Animation Supervisor Sébastien Bruneau(Hotel Transylvania, Transformers 3, Rio, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Alvin and the Chipmunk s)
CGI supervisor Jonathan Germain (Fantastic Four, The Grey, The Spirit, The Pink Panther 2)
Characters Technical Supervisor Hidekata Yosumi (Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, Brave, Bolt)
Lighting Supervisor Charles LeGuen (Gravity, Mirror Mirror, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium)
VFX Supervisor Glenn Curry (The Hobbit, Avengers, Tintin, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Watchmen)
Composer Bruno Coulais (Coraline, Oceans, The Chorus, Winged Migration, Microcosmos)
Story-board David Berthier (Despicable Me, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, Igor)
Antoine Antin (The Illusionist, A Monster in Paris)
Ouassama Bouacheria (The Lorax)
Layout Supervisor Stéphane Stoll (The Grey, This is the End)
Sets Modeling Robert Rioux (Final Fantasy, Valiant)
Arnaud Ceysson
Characters Modeling Yves Rainville (Riddick, Clash of the Dinosaurs, Fantastic 4)
François Rimasson (Igor, Prodigies, Renaissance)
Angela Smaldone (Despicable Me)
Characters Texturing Marc-André Dostie (Fantastic Four, Final Destination 3)
Stephanie Baillot (A Monster in Paris)
Look Dev Supervisor Patrick Coiteux (Underworld: Awakening, Riddick)
Editor Isabelle Malenfant
Stéréography Stéphane Stoll


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