TAAF2023 Competition Winners Announced

Feature Animation

  • Grand Prize
    No Dogs or Italians Allowed

  • Award of Excellence

Short Animation

  • Grand Prize
    The Borderline

  • Award of Excellence
    The Queen of the Foxes

  • Toshima City Award
    Swing to the Moon

  • Best Student Film
    3 Intestine Road, Fish Island

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© 2022 Moe Wakabayashi


This year, there were 31 submissions (31, last year) from 26 countries and territories for Feature Animation and 872 submissions (874, last year) from 63 countries and territories for Short Animation. Among them, a total of 33 films (4 for feature / 29 for short) were selected by the TAAF2023 Preliminary Selection Committee as the nominees for the Competition.

For the first time in three years, we had juries from both abroad and home at the festival and judging for the Competition took place through the screenings at the theatres and the conference on-site to decide the winners in Feature Animation and Short Animation.

The Award Ceremony for the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2023 was held on March 13th at Toshima Civic Center. The juries and their results are as follows.


Feature Animation Grand Prize No Dogs or Italians Allowed
Director: Alain Ughetto
Country: France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal
※ Grand Prize winner won Governor of Tokyo Award too.
Award of Excellence Titina
Director: Kajsa Næss
Country: Belgium, Norway
Short Animation Grand Prize The Borderline
Director: Christian Arredondo Narváez
Country: Mexico
※ Grand Prize winner won Governor of Tokyo Award too.
Award of Excellence The Queen of the Foxes
Director: Marina Rosset
Country: Switzerland
Toshima City Award Swing to the Moon
Director: Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer, Elisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, Solenne Moreau
Country: France
Best Student Film 3 Intestine Road, Fish Island
Director: Moe Wakabayashi
Country: Japan

TAAF2023 Feature Animation Competition Jury


Fukashi AzumaDirector, AT-X, INC 

Born in 1966 in Hiroshima. Azuma joined TV TOKYO Corporation in 1989 and worked as a producer of animation programs from 1999 until 2011. He took part in more than 80 titles as a producer and a person in charge. After holding positions such as chief of Nagoya bureau and director general of Marketing Division, he has become a director of AT-X, INC since 2021 and been in charge of a CS satellite animation channel. His major programs include “GIN TAMA”, “NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN”, “BLUE DRAGON” and “School Rumble”.

Ryuichi KimuraDirector, Japan Animation Creators Association / Director

Born in 1971. Kimura joined Studio Junio after graduating from the Department of Art II at Tama Art University then he went freelance and has been acting as a director. His representative works include “AIKATSU! SERIES” (director / supervisor).

Cesar CabralDirector

Cesar Cabral has a degree in Cinema through the Arts and Communication School – São Paulo University (ECA-USP). He began his career as a stop-motion animator in 1998 and co-founded the animation company Coala Filmes in 2000. He directed the stop-motion short films “The Re Bordosa Dossier” (2008), which won more than 70 awards in Brazilian and international film festivals, and “Storm” (2010) selected to many prestigious film festivals all around the world, such as Annecy, Hiroshima, Havana and Sundance. Cesar created and directed 2 seasons of the young adult stop motion animated series “Angeli The Killer”, selected to 2018 Annecy Film Festival and broadcasted at Canal Brasil. “Bob Spit – We Do Not Like People” was awarded Best Feature at Contrechamp section in Annecy 2021, Best Feature in Ottawa Intl Animation Festival 2021, Award of Excellence in Tokyo Anime Award Festival in 2022, among other renowned festivals.

Haery KimJournalist

After graduating from Seoul National University in 1994 with a degree in Western History, Kim Haery joined the weekly film magazine CINE21 as a founding member in 1995, where she wrote about films and filmmakers. She went on to attend the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom for a master’s degree in Film Studies and has published books including “Apologies to Movie”, “Talk to Her”, “Freeze Frame”, “Talk to Her Vol. 2”, “Sitting in Pictures”, and “Looking at You Looking at Me”. She was a member of the jury at various International Film Festivals in Korea and the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2008. She is currently hosting the podcast, “Kim Haery’s Film Club” at Seoul Broadcasting System, SBS.

TAAF2023 Short Animation Competition Jury


Kenji KodamaDirector

Kodama became an animator in 1970. He took part in “Lupin the Third” as an animation director then shifted his career to direction in 1981. His works include “Cat’s♥Eye Season 2″(director, 1984), “CITY HUNTER” (director, 1987), “DETECTIVE CONAN” (director, 1996), seven titles from the theatrical versions of “DETECTIVE CONAN” (director, 1997~), “Kekkaishi” (director, 2006), “TALES OF THE ABYSS” (director, 2008) and the theatrical film “CITY HUNTER: SHINJUKU PRIVATE EYES” (general director, 2019).

Tetsuro SatomiPresident, Liden Films,Inc. / President, Barnum Studio,

Born in 1974. Japanese Animation Producer. After working at movic Co.,Ltd. and BROCCOLI Co., Ltd., Satomi went independent in 2003 and then established Barnum Studio, to plan and produce animation. He also established a production studio, Liden Films,Inc. in 2012. His representative works include “Galaxy Angel”, “Samurai Champloo”, “The Heroic Legend of Arslan”, “Batman Ninja” and “Tokyo Revengers”, among others. A member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan.

Charlie BelinDirector / Animator

Charlie Belin is a director and animator. She studied in several animation schools (Esaat in Roubaix, Emca in Angoulême and then La Poudrière in Bourg-lès-Valence). She directed several short films as part of her studies, before her first professional film, “Le Coin”, as part of the collection Fresh Out of school – Apollinaire season. She has just directed the TV Special “Funny Birds”, co-produced by Camera lucida Productions and Doncvoilà productions, which will be broadcast on France televisions.

Elise LabbéHead, Festivals and Theatrical Screenings, National Film Board of Canada

Elise Labbé has been working for numerous years in different positions at the National Film Board of Canada, national public producer of award winning and creative works in Canada. Head of festivals since 2011, she has contributed over the years to launching hundreds of documentaries, animated films and immersive works.
After receiving a Bachelor of Visual Arts from University of Montreal and a Degree in scriptwriting, she became passionate about the extraordinary works and artists that were collaborating with the NFB. Since then, she has worked with the biggest names in contemporary animation and documentary filmmaking. She has received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for outstanding achievement in public service.