TAAF2018 Nominated Works


Feature Animation


The Oddsockeaters

Director:Galina Miklinova 83’/Czech

THE ODDSOCKEATERS are small invisible creatures, responsible for socks that go missing when we only have one left from a pair – the odd sock. They eat socks, but only one from each pair.

© Happiness Road Productions Co., Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

On Happiness Road

Director:SUNG Hsin-Yin 101’/Taiwan

Chi earned her American dream after persevering with her studies in Taiwan. Following her grandmothers’ death, Chi returns to her family on Happiness Road, where she begins to feel nostalgic about her childhood and starts to contemplate the meaning of “life” and “home”. What is happiness? Will Chi find her own happiness?

© Art Pictures Studio LLC 2017 © Smeshariki LLC 2017

Kikoriki: Deja Vu

Director:Denis Chernov 85’/Russia

KIKORIKI: DEJA VU centres around the Deja Vu Travel Agency which specialises in amazing time travel adventures. The ever loveable Krash wants to throw his buddy Barry the best birthday party of all time. However, when the Kikoriki crew fail to follow the (simple) instructions of the Time Travel Torch, the gang find themselves scattered across history.

© Nezha Bros. Pictures

Have A Nice Day

Director:LIU Jian 77’/China

A hard rain is about to fall on a small town in Southern China.
In a desperate attempt to find money to save his fiancée’s failed plastic surgery, Xiao Zhang, a mere driver, steals a bag containing 1 million from his boss.
News of the robbery spreads fast within the town and, over the course of one night, everyone starts looking for Xiao Zhang and his money.

Short Animation


Title Director Runtime Country of production
Until That Day Satoshi Kitagawa 6’0” Japan
Corp. Pablo Polledri 9’0” Argentina
The Noise of Licking Nadja Andrasev 9’15” Hungary
The Death, Dad & Son Winshluss & Denis Walgenwitz 13’6” France
Piston Bernard,Archaimbault Marvin, Boucaud Désir, Hugues Marc, Kupke Arnaud, Mine Hugo, Orso-manzonetta Vincent, Yang Kai. 5’0” France
Catherine Britt Raes 11’51” Belgium
Burn Out Cécile CARRE 4’23” France
The Head Vanishes Franck Dion 9’28” France/Canada
My secret school days Yoko ASANO 4’6” Japan
The Evil Carlon Hardt 2’11” Brazil
Tweet-Tweet Zhanna Bekmambetova 10’8” Russia


Title Director Runtime Country of production
First Bloom Tingting Liu 4’38” China
Keiro Charlotte Poncin,Tatiana Juskewicz, Benoît Leloup, Franck Menigoz, Zoé Nérot, 5’12” France
The Street of Anfok Zilai Feng 3’32” USA
I like ducks Q-rais 7’40” Japan
Dolls Don’t Cry Frédérick Tremblay 20’5” Canada
Dragon Sledge Evgeniya Jirkova 2’30” Russia
Dark, Dark Woods Emile Gignoux 6’15” Denmark
Roast Chicken with Vegetable and Lime Sauce Chen-Yu Tsai 4’30” Taiwan
Parfum Fraise Alix ARRAULT, Martin HURMANE, Jules RIGOLLE, Samuel KLUGHERTZ 6’24” France
Negative Space Max Porter
Ru Kuwahata
5’30” France
Nothing Happens Uri & Michelle Kranot 11’50” Denmark


Title Director Runtime Country of production
Hors Saison Nicolas CAPITAINE, Céline DESOUTTER, Lucas DURKHEIM, Léni MAROTTE 6’7” France
Knight to meet you Antoine Fromager, Laurie Bogdel, Loïc Resplandy, Lucas Godineau, Mathieu Astruc, Nicolas Canot 3’44” France
Mémo Julien BECQUER, Éléna DUPRESSOIR, Jules DURAND, Viviane GUIMARÃES, Inès SCHEIBER 4’40” France
Beyond the Books Robin Pelissier,Jérôme Battistelli, Mathilde Cartigny, Nicolas Evain, Maéna Paillet, Judith Wahler 6’38” France
Revelation – the City of Haze Mao Qichao 13’38” China
Poilus Guillaume Auberval, Léa Dozoul, Simon Gomez, Timothé Hek, Hugo Lagrange, Antoine Laroye, David Lashcari 4’32” France
Serph Feather (overdrive version) Tarafu Otani 5’10” Japan
RETOUCH Yi-Shan, Wang 4’15” Taiwan
VERGE Chingtien Chu 3’3” USA
Can you hear me? Chuang,Yu-Hsin 4’9” Taiwan
Long Road Adel ELBadrawy 4’36” Egypt
The Basket Suresh Eriyat 13’45” India