The screening and the director’s talk session of ‘Monkey King: Hero is Back’ have been held!

On Sunday July 31, the screening of ‘Monkey King: Hero is Back’ has been held at ‘Japan-China-Korea Student Animation Festival 2016’ which is organized by Tokyo University of the Arts and supported by TAAF. The film won the Award of Excellence of Feature Animation of Competition for TAAF2016.

The screening seats were full of customers including the students from the 3 countries which joined to ‘Japan-China-Korea Student Animation Festival 2016’. The great impact of stereoscopic 3DCG animation hit the hearts of the audience.




After the screening, Mr.Tian XiaoPeng, the director of the film, had a talk session with Mr. Goro Miyazaki who directed the 3DCG animation ‘Ronja Rövardotter’.

Koji Takeuchi, the festival director of TAAF2017, also joined the session as a moderator. Despite that it was the first time for them to see each other, the session was carried in very relaxed atmosphere and their talk developed in depth.




Mr. Tian expressed his passion towards producing animations, “I have never given up the try and error until the things become as I imagined. New ideas came into my mind every morning, and I put it into practice every single time.”




Mr. Miyazaki also sent a yell to the students, “I truly hope that you visit a lot of new places and “find” the real things with your own eyes. It could be scenery, people, or any other thing. It makes a great difference in your animation in terms of the richness of expression, I believe. Just watching anime and internet is never enough.”